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Jennifer Gagliardi

Jennifer Gagliardi

ESL Citizenship Teacher




Teacher Jennifer's Classes

Senior ESL

class-061008 103.jpg Senior ESL

This class meets Monday through friday 8:45am to 12 noon.  Seniors are invited to practice their English at SeniorESL.

Citizenship Class

uscitizenpod.jpgUS Citizenship Podcast

and US Citizenpod Wikispaces

Citizenship class meets Tue and Thu 5:45-9:00pm. An ESL placement test is required for registration.  Our websites help students practice for their Interview.

Milpitas VESL


Milpitas VESL

Vocational ESL: Work-related materials and resources for English Language Learners. News about Business, Economy, and Technology.  we also post resources that support and exted the EASY at Work  video series, produced by EASY ELD .

More Pratice at

fall 923.jpgMilpitas Chat

Our website, Milpitas Chat, features ESL Conversation Practice with Audio and Video resources. 

SAT Verbal Prep


SAT Verbal Prep

Resources for high school students and their parents about the SAT Critical Reading and Writing test plus information about college admissions and academic excellence!

Milpitas Students!

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