MAE Corrections

Milpitas Adult Education (Corrections)

In April 1986, Milpitas Adult Education entered into an agreement with Santa Clara County to provide Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Education Diploma (GED), English as a Second Language (ESL), Arts and Crafts, Computer and Career Education, Health and Safety classes at Elmwood Detention Facility, Men's Facility, the Correctional Center for Women (CCW) and Main Jail. Since that time this program has rapidly grown in scope and has added many other programs such as those dealing with substance abuse, domestic violence awareness and independent living skills. In addition, classes are held in which support groups are formed among inmates to allow them to discuss their problems and concern and to learn socially acceptable ways in which to solve problems.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of our jail education is to reduce the impact of crime on the community by helping inmates acquire the skills, attitudes and values needed to find and hold jobs, become socially responsible, and make positive contributions to their families and the community.